Bharat Biotech advises combining state drug authorities with a central organization to assure “one quality, one standard”

Bharat biotech

Dr. Krishna Ella, the executive chairman of Bharat Biotech, has proposed that all state drug regulatory agencies be amalgamated with the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) to guarantee “one quality, one standard” for medicines made in India. His remarks on Sunday were made against the backdrop of recent concerns over the quality of Indian medications. The most recent incident occurred on Friday, when Global Pharma Healthcare, based in Tamil Nadu, recalled the entire lot of eye drops that were allegedly connected to eyesight loss in the US.

Prior to that, Indian-made cough medicines were thought to be responsible for last year’s deaths of children in the Gambia and Uzbekistan. “In India, there ought to be a uniform regulatory framework. To overcome the issue, all state drug regulating agencies should be united under the CDSCO “explained Ella.

On the sidelines of an event where an agreement was signed between the University of Wisconsin (UW)-Madison Global Health Institute (GHI) and the Ella Foundation in Delhi for the establishment of the first-ever “UW-Madison One Health Centre” in Bengaluru, he said, “But somewhere a political decision and commitment is required for this.”

He stated that it is crucial to centralize the system. “State regulatory agencies, not the Central (body), issued the licenses for the cough syrups that were in question in the recent incidents.”

Despite the fact that we have very strong businesses, we are having problems, he remarked. Global Pharma Healthcare, a company based in Tamil Nadu, was asked to cease production of all ophthalmic products until the investigation is finished on Saturday, a day after its plant was inspected by Indian drug regulatory bodies in response to claims that its eye drop was connected to vision loss in the US.

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