After finding contaminants, India can issue a warning regarding the export of Marion cough syrup: Drug inspector

Since tests revealed that many of the company’s medicine samples contained toxins, India may issue a notice regarding cough syrup sold by Marion Biotech, whose goods have been connected to deaths in Uzbekistan, a drug inspector said on Saturday. After tests in a government laboratory that revealed 22 of 36 syrup samples to be “adulterated and fictitious,” police detained three Marion employees on Friday and are searching for two directors. While the government has rebuffed claims that cough medicine produced by another Indian company, Maiden Pharmaceuticals, was responsible for the deaths of children in the Gambia last year, New Delhi is pursuing the matter.

Ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol, which the World Health Organization claims were present in the items supplied by the two businesses in the two nations, were adulterated with the samples, according to Vaibhav Babbar, an inspector participating in the Marion investigation, who spoke to Reuters. In the Gambia, up to 70 youngsters have perished, and 19 in Uzbekistan. The WHO reported in January that more than 300 children, the majority of whom were under the age of 5, passed away in Gambia, Indonesia, and Uzbekistan last year from acute kidney injury brought on by tainted medications.

The Philippines, Timor Leste, Senegal, and Cambodia may also be impacted because the drugs may be sold in those countries, it was added. In order to stop further fatalities, it also demanded “prompt and concerted action” from its 194 member states. I hope nothing bad happens elsewhere because Marion’s meds have traveled to so many nations, Babbar remarked. “The health ministry might send out a warning. They might carry it out. A warning should be sent out.” He claimed he was unaware of any alerts that were actively being considered.

Requests for response were not immediately answered by a representative for the health ministry. Reuters called Marion, but she didn’t pick up, and she didn’t reply right away to an email requesting comment. Even though there are no legal repercussions, a government alert would caution individuals in every nation to remove the products from their stores. According to Babbar, the drugs were also shipped to Cambodia and Kyrgyzstan. Babbar was a member of a team that conducted four facility inspections at Marion’s after Uzbekistan claimed in December that the company’s cough syrups were to blame for the deaths of the children. Soon after, India stopped producing Marion.

Ambronol and DOK-1 Max syrups were found to have unsafe levels of ethylene or diethylene glycol, according to an analysis by Uzbekistan’s health ministry, the WHO reported in a medical product alert in January. The U.N. health inspector emphasized the need to identify and eliminate these subpar items from commerce. According to the investigation, the syrups were given to children in amounts that were greater than those recommended for children, either by parents who mistakenly believed the product to be a cold remedy or on the advice of pharmacists.

After the WHO reported that four of Maiden’s cough syrups may have killed dozens of children in the Gambia, India in October ceased production at Maiden for breaking manufacturing regulations.Maiden has refuted claims that the deaths in the Gambia were caused by its medications, and examinations by a government laboratory in India revealed no contaminants.

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