Medisol, a French Pharmaceutical Company, has been Acquired by Lupin

The French Ministry of Economy and Finance will need to approve Lupin Limited’s (Lupin) formal agreement before it can purchase Medisol’s complete share capital. Lupin is a leading global pharmaceutical company. Medisol, a company that specializes in generic injectable pharmaceuticals, was established in 2011. It is currently working to develop and market its products in France, in pharmacies, and in hospitals. Through this acquisition, Lupin will have access to Medisol’s portfolio of seven injectable medicines that cover four therapeutic categories, including obstetrics, cardiovascular disease, anti-inflammatory, and pain treatment.

Vinita Gupta, CEO of Lupin, offered the following statement regarding the acquisition: “The acquisition of Medisol is part of our strategy to expand our presence in the EU and accelerate our Injectables franchise in France.” “The acquisition of Medisol marks a significant milestone in Lupin’s journey to strengthen our injectables portfolio in France, the second-largest market in Europe for injectables,” continued Thierry Volle, President – EMEA, Lupin.

We are now able to offer our consumers an even wider range of high-quality products thanks to Medisol’s distinctive product portfolio, which complements our current assortment. This acquisition highlights our ongoing dedication to growing our presence in the EMEA region and offering patients top-notch healthcare.

“We are pleased to have partnered with Lupin, who shares our commitment to enhancing patient outcomes,” said Medisol. Since its establishment in 2011, Medisol has developed a specialized range of generic injectable medications that have benefited French patients. More patients in France will continue to have access to Medisol’s products thanks to Lupin’s substantial skills and expertise in the injectables market.

More about Medisol

Medisol is a French pharmaceutical company that was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Lyon, France. The company focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative medical technologies for the treatment of various conditions.

Medisol’s product portfolio includes medical devices and drugs for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and chronic pain. The company’s mission is to provide patients with safe and effective treatments that improve their quality of life. In addition to its research and development efforts, Medisol also collaborates with academic institutions and other companies in the pharmaceutical industry to advance scientific knowledge and bring new therapies to market.

More About Lupin

Lupin Limited is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company that was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company specializes in the development and production of generic and branded drugs, including formulations, biotechnology products, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Lupin has a global presence and operates in more than 100 countries. The company’s products are used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disorders, and central nervous system disorders.

Lupin has a strong research and development program and invests heavily in innovation. The company has several research and development centers located in India, Japan, and the United States, and collaborates with academic institutions and other companies to advance scientific knowledge and bring new therapies to market. In addition to its pharmaceutical operations, Lupin also has a presence in the areas of consumer healthcare, animal health, and specialty pharmaceuticals.

More About Vinita Gupta

Vinita Gupta is an Indian-American businesswoman and the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lupin Limited, an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company. She was appointed as CEO in September 2018, becoming the first woman to lead a large Indian pharmaceutical company.

Gupta joined Lupin in 1992 and has held various positions within the company, including Executive Director and President and Managing Director of Lupin’s US subsidiary, Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc. During her tenure as President and CEO of Lupin’s US operations, Gupta oversaw the company’s rapid growth and expansion in the United States.

Under Gupta’s leadership, Lupin has continued to focus on innovation and expanding its global presence. The company has launched several new products and entered into strategic partnerships and acquisitions to strengthen its position in the global pharmaceutical market.

Gupta has been recognized for her leadership and contributions to the pharmaceutical industry. In 2019, she was named among Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women in Business” list and was also included in Forbes’ “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” list in 2020.

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