What is Proofreading?


What is Proofreading?

Proofreading simply means checking for the spelling, punctuation, formatting, and accuracy errors in the texts. This is an essential and final step in writing a manuscript, thesis, essays, resume, curriculum vitae, cover letter, statement of purpose, etc.

Why Proofreading?

Proofreading helps you make your texts free of writing related errors, including spelling, punctuation, formatting, and accuracy. In addition, error free texts impact your profile. A wrongly formatted thesis can lead to its rejection during submission. Similarly, most of the reputed journals immediately reject the manuscript if formatted poorly with writing errors. Most companies do not shortlist the candidate just because his/her resume is not professional and appealing. Parallelly, Universities do not shortlist the candidate if his/her cover letter/SOPs are not convincing. However, by effective proofreading all the aforementioned problems can be solved.

How to perform Proofreading?

Writing is a complex activity as it requires you to have the apparent knowledge of spelling, grammar, sentence structure, redundancy, punctuation, consistency, and formatting. Although you are good at writing, you can still make some mistakes while writing. Therefore, we advise to choose the proofreading service provided by IR Research Publication. We have qualified experts who are specialized in writing. Besides experts, we also use premium proofreading software to cross check human and manual errors. On top of that, we charge affordable and genuine price. Click here for the pricing. Collectively, we make your text fully free of any kind of writing errors. Contact us now for the quotation.

About Publisher

IR Research Publication is publisher, editorial, and profile building service provider and assists the scholars with resume, curriculum vitae, cover letter, and statement of purpose building.

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