Implementation of nanotechnology in healthcare: immense challenges and opportunities

Ayush Chandra Mishra
Ratnesh Chaubey
Shobhit Prakash Srivastava


Healthcare, being a fundamental human right, has frequently been the focus of technological innovation. Technological advancements have aided in the delivery of high-quality, on-time, acceptable, and cheap healthcare. A new generation of nanostructures has emerged as a result of advances in nanoscience. Each one has its own set of characteristics that account for its amazing applicability. Nanotechnology has had a continual impact on healthcare since its birth and has had a significant impact on its evolution, contributing to better outcomes. Nanotechnology's application in healthcare is pushing the life sciences sector to new heights. Nanotechnology has the potential to improve many parts of medical care, including diagnostics, disease monitoring, surgical equipment, regenerative medicine, vaccine development, and medication delivery, thanks to its capacity to alter matter at the atomic level. Advanced research tools that can be used for drug discovery are also opening doors to better treatment options for various diseases. Nanotechnology has made strides toward omnipresence over the previous two decades, and this trend has been hastened by substantial studies in several healthcare industries. Nanomedicine is the application of nanotechnology and its associated nanocarriers/nanosystems to medicine, a field that has yielded several improvements in illness prevention, diagnosis, and therapy. In comparison to traditional nanosystems, some nanosystems have been discovered to be better prospects for theragnostic applications. This review paper will discuss medically significant nanosystems, as well as their applications and limits in fields like gene therapy, targeted medication delivery, and cancer and genetic disease treatment.

This article is a part of Special Issue "Advances in the field of Nanomedicine"

DOI: 10.55006/biolsciences.2022.2303
Published: 29-07-2022

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Mishra, A. C., Chaubey, R. ., & Srivastava, S. P. . (2022). Implementation of nanotechnology in healthcare: immense challenges and opportunities. Biological Sciences, 2(3), 251–261.


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