What is Plagiarism?


What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism, also called similarity in academics, is the representation of other’s work, including texts, ideas, and thoughts as your own. It is considered a violation of academic integrity and the one who violates it subjected to penalties and suspension from the work.

Why Plagiarism check?

Plagiarism is considered an illegal act; thus, it is vital to ensure that the document you have written is free of Plagiarism. When you write a thesis and about to submit it, you need to show the authority a Plagiarism report. Similarly, all reputed journals use standard Plagiarism checking software such as Turnitin, iThenticate, Crosscheck, etc. and if your manuscript depicts a substantial Plagiarism, the journals will reject your manuscript immediately or may ban you from submitting manuscript in the future in that journal. Considering the above information, it is highly crucial to check the Plagiarism of your texts.

How to avoid Plagiarism?

As per the writing experts, to avoid plagiarism it is advised to write every content on your own. Furthermore, if it is essential to refer to others texts, then in such condition do not copy the text as it is, instead understand the text first and paraphrase them by writing in your own language. At the same time, give credit to the original writer by citing them. In a condition when you have to copy the thought or quote, write them under quotation mark such as “Imagination is more important than knowledge” a quote by Einstein.

How to check Plagiarism?

There is a myriad of plagiarism detection tools available online that allow you to check plagiarism for free. However, most of them are forgeries. There are a few software applications that are universally acknowledged, and the majority of academics and publications use them. Turnitin, iThenticate, and crosscheck are examples of such tools. We particularly recommend Turnitin since it is widely accepted and the best plagiarism detection tool available at the present.

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