Nanosponges- An emerging trend in drug delivery

Nazneen Sultana


Advancements in pharmaceutical research have led to the discovery of nanosized drug delivery systems that act as a means to deliver drugs at the target site. The nanosized carriers are studied for the diagnosis (biomarkers), prevention (prophylactic therapy), and treatment of the diseases. Nanosponges an offshoot of nanotechnology have gained upstream because of their unique structural properties. It is a tiny sponge made up of either organic or inorganic material with wide cavities between them. Gases, micromolecules, and macromolecules of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic in nature can be entrapped in the structure. Progress in the research has led to the development of four generations of nanosponges namely, plain nanosponges, modified nanosponges, stimuli-activated nanosponges, and molecularly imprinted nanosponges. They offer the advantages of a sustained-release profile, better bioavailability, and negligible toxicity. The present review provides brief information on the structural features, different generations, methods of preparation, characterization techniques and application of nanosponge formulation

DOI: 10.55006/biolsciences.2024.4104
Published: 19-03-2024

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Sultana, N. (2024). Nanosponges- An emerging trend in drug delivery. Biological Sciences, 4(1), 551–563.


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